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Read the introduction (xi to xxxvi) to familiarize yourself with the content and format of the AP U.S. History test. This section covers the test format, historical skills, themes, periods and tips to help your prepare for the exam. 

Read and annotate Chapters 1-3 in AMSCO in a notebook that is specifically for APUSH (all class notes and annotates are to go in this notebook).  These pages cover Period 1 (1492-1607) and Period 2 (1607-1754). 

At the conclusion of each chapter you are to answer the multiple choice questions and short answer questions on separate pieces of loose leaf paper. Prepare to submit these for your first grade on Friday September 6th. 

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Please read and annotate Jane Eyre (ISBN-10: 1503278190) prior to fall discussion. (Some discussions will be student-led, so come in with at least two questions you want to ask!)

Respond to the prompt below. Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and in a readable 12-point font. Page limit is up to you; just answer the question sufficiently.


Choose one set of characters from the list below. In a well-organized essay, discuss how the characters serve as foils to each other. How do their contrasting personalities aid the development of the book’s themes?

You may choose one set of characters from this list:

·         Jane and Blanche Ingram

·         Jane and Bertha Rochester

·         Jane and the Reed sisters

·         Mr. Rochester and St. John Rivers

·         The Reed and Rivers families

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Critic Roland Barthes has said, “Literature is the question minus the answer.” Using The Great Gatsby plus


and, considering Barthes’ observation, write an essay in which you analyze a central question the works raise and the extent to which they offer a collective answer. Avoid mere plot summary. Don't measure your responses in page numbers; rather, weigh them in significance. Page limit is up to you.

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Hello girls, 


I have assigned the following pages to read as a brief overview of the systems that we anticipate to cover over the course of the next academic year. You will be tested on this within the first week of classes. We won't spend much time covering this. Additionally, once you receive your textbook read chapters 1-4 and we will also have a discussion about that so we can move into all the systems and start having fun! 


Have a great summer, see you all in the fall!

- Ms. Patel 

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AP Chemistry 2019-2020 Summer Assignment 

Read/outline chapters 1 and 2 before completing the summer assignment.

1.      1. Using a 5-subj NB, answer the following Qs. Show ALL your work for calculations; Use Dimensional Analysis for all conversions) 

Chapter 01 (pages 32-AP1-B)

a)      Questions/Exercises 32, 34, 35, 38, 40, 42, 54, 64, 68, 70, 72, 74, 92, 100, 102, 120, and 122

b)      AP Multiple-Choice Review Qs

Chapter 02 (pages 66 – AP2-B)

a)      Questions/Exercises 20, 22, 30, 32, 36, 40, 42, 52, 62, 66, 72, 76, 78, 84, 90, 98, 100, and 126

b)      AP Multiple- Choice Review Qs 

2.      Memorize: Table 2.3 Common Monatomic Cations and Anions, Table 2.4 Common Type II Cations, and Table 2.5 Common Polyatomic Ions; pages 54, 55, and 58. 

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Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition

Summer Reading and Writing Assignments

Mount Saint Mary Academy

Ms. Lovallo, Instructor



Arrive to class in the fall having read the attached document on Literary Movements from the College Board;

·         Read and annotate Matthew Ward’s translation of Albert Camus’ L’Étranger (The Stranger) and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold prior to fall discussion (some discussions will be student-led, others teacher-led, so please be sure to have at least one question about each of the texts);

·         Using L’Étranger as your basis, respond to the prompt below. Responses must be typed, double spaced, and in 12-point font.  Page limit is up to you; just answer the question sufficiently. N.B.: Weigh your response, don’t measure it.

Here is the prompt: 

Critic Roland Barthes has said, “Literature is the question minus the answer.” Using L’Étranger as your foundation, write an essay in light of Barthe’s observation in which you analyze a central question the work raises and the extent to which it offers any answers. Explain how the author’s treatment of this question affects your understanding of the work as a whole.  Avoid plot summary.

Note: The AP Literature exam is changing for the 2019-2020 school year. Materials are not available yet. I will be emailing you a copy of the new rubric and another short assignment.

Please address any questions or drafts over the summer to

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