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Welcome to APUSH! Over the summer you are expected to read Chapters 1-3 in your text United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, Amsco Publication (below is a picture of the book) -- 2018 edition.  I recommend that you don't start your reading/annotations until August, so that the information is fresh in your mind when we get to work in September. 

You are to annotate the chapters in your notebook (you are all to have a designated notebook for APUSH) and prepare for discussion upon return. You will notice that there is content in the first three chapters in which you are familiar with. These chapters consist of topics including: Exploration and Discovery, Enlightenment, and government structure ideals. 

I must emphasize that we will be discussing BIG PICTURE IDEAS. Therefore it is imperative that you are constantly thinking in terms of historical thinking skills: CONTEXT, COMPARISON, CAUSATION, PERIODIZATION, CHANGE AND CONTINUITY -- and ultimately use those skills to help you form ANALYSIS of these first two periods in American History

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2017 English II: Lit/Comp

Please read and annotate The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Please click here for a guide to annotating texts.  As you are reading, you will write 6 letters (each one should be half a page, double-spaced) written by the novel’s characters.  You may only write two letters from the same character.  Have fun!

Each letter MUST

  • Reference specific moments in the novel.
  • Clearly state when in the novel this letter is written.
  • Try to imitate that character’s speech (no chatspeak or contemporary slang.  You may use slang found in the novel, though).
  • Cite at least one page from the novel.
  • Be half a page in length.
  • Be in Times New Roman, size 12 font.
  • Be double-spaced.
  • Be typed on the computer.
  • Be ready for submission on the first day of school.

Please see the attached file for an example!

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2017 English II H: American Writers

Please download the attached file for an explanation of your summer assignment and the templates necessary to complete them.  You will be reading The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald while preparing for a Socratic Seminar and completing a Reader's Journal.  PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED or you will be very confused. 
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Welcome to APUSH! Over the summer you are expected to read Chapters 1-3 in your text United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, Amsco Publication. Attached are Guided Readings that you are to complete as you read.  I think that you will find them helpful.  I recommend that you don't start your reading/reading guides until August, so that the information is fresh in your mind when we get to work in September.

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English IV CP: The Spoken & Written Word

Please read and annotate the attached packets of poems and short stories as your summer assignment. I've attached two handouts on poetic terms and things to consider when reading a poem to help you.  Avoid using Sparknotes, Shmoop, Genius, etc.  If you don't understand something, make a note of it instead.  I'd rather you draw your own conclusions and wild guesses than be influenced by someone else's (who may or may not be right).  Ask questions, scribble "WTF???" in the margins, doodle a confused lobster in a fedora and monocle who is somewhat flustered at his hotel reservation being lost, whatever it takes.

I chose these poems and stories to make you think (and spent far longer than I should have putting it together... seriously, the combined total has to be close to 10 hours).  I care about your questions, not general consensuses and definite answers.  If you don't get what the story/poem means, tell me how/what it makes you feel.   
Please export these packets to OneNote and annotate there.  In a perfect world, I would prefer to see these printed out; however, it is a considerable amount of paper and I understand it's probably not feasible.  If you can't access your OneNote and printing isn't an option, please email me ( and I'll help you find a solution.  Please do not show up on the first day telling me "well, I couldn't print it and my email and wifi were mysteriously broken all summer (even though my Insta game is top-notch and my Snapchat streak managed to thrive), but don't worry, I totally read it."  Yeah.  Sure, you did.  
Alternately, please do not arrive with nothing but question marks and "WTF" all over the page.  A few "WTF"s are fine, but let's be real: even if you don't get it, you can still think some part of it is cool, spooky, unexpected, or interesting.  Yes, I am going to check it and I will have a rubric posted shortly.  Enjoy!
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